We specialize in keeping your vehicle safe and reliable with routine maintenance, service, and repairs.

Services that keep your engine running smoothly

When you bring your vehicle to A & P Auto for a tune-up, we don’t just open the hood and install auto parts from a to-do list. We perform only required services. We replace only those parts that are essential to preventing your engine from misfiring and stalling out.

  • Expert car and truck engine inspection and diagnostics
  • Professional tune-up and maintenance
  • Speedy repairs with quality parts
  • European, Asian, foreign and domestic vehicles
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Don’t ignore your car

At A & P Auto, we understand that tuning up your engine might not seem that crucial, but if your vehicle isn’t functioning properly, it could leave you stranded when you need it most. When you delay necessary vehicle maintenance or repairs, you’re in good company. 84% of all vehicles on the road need service. 9 million drivers have ignored their check engine light for three months or more.
If you are one of those 9 million people, contact us and bring your vehicle in for service. We’ll diagnose your problems, perform the work professionally and we promise not to judge you for putting it off so long.
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Engine Tune-up Problems and Options

  • Rough idling
  • Engine misfires
  • Worn or discolored spark plugs
  • Engine runs sluggishly
  • Vehicle stalls out
  • Check engine light is on
  • Reduced gas mileage


Your vehicle owner’s manual includes a complete maintenance schedule. It’s the best guide for deciding when it’s time for engine tune-up services. It’s up to you to read your manual and schedule an appointment when necessary. If you are experiencing a problem, it’s important to have a mechanic diagnose the condition right away.



If your vehicle needs a tune-up, it’s best left to an automotive professional. It used to be easy to perform tune-ups and other basic vehicle maintenance and repair. New automotive technology has changed that. Onboard computers can easily monitor performance and document problems, but you need mechanical and technological training and skills to analyze the data and perform the work.


Steven K., Parsippany, NJ

“Driving up from NJ and my check engine light comes on and car isn't running right, similar story all garages in Leominster and Fitchburg tell me a week until they can even look at it. Pull into A&P and speak with Srini not only can he take me that day he runs the code and has great insight into the issue and explains to me very clearly. Car is done that day, drive back to NJ is great and top it all off a call to make sure I got home safe. Great Job A&P great customer service and attention to detail.”

Anthony M., New Ipswich, NH

“Been coming here for years, the staff and mechanics are top notch, approachable and get the job done fast without compromise! I can't recommend them enough, your in good hands with this company!!!”

Mrs K.

“Sirini& Emily are awesome at A&P Auto! Thanks for being so patients & giving me all my options & your advice on what would be best to do when getting my breaks replaced today- great job thank you”

Phebe Q., Leominster, MA

“This place is the best. They are reasonably priced and the don't sell you stuff you don't need. The fix it the correct way the first time. The owner is very nice and treats you with respect. The detail shop is great too. You leave your car and they will do both. And my car was dirty! But now it's like new. Thank you a&p auto.”

Scott R., West Brookfield, MA

“A great shop and a great job on my brakes. Work was done very quickly and the brakes are working super, now a month later. Pricing was reasonable. It was my first visit. Their customers seem very loyal and happy. Jeep JKU 2014”

Nadia Villalobos

“Best price for brakes!!! Great customer service, receptionist was super friendly!!! My new place to take my car.”

“I came in for an oil change greeted by very friendly staff, the mechanic shook my hand the receptionist beaming smile and greeted me, very knolegablestaff , very happy with my service today. I would highly recommend to friends and family and will definitely be back”
Chris Phillips

“I like the owner, Srini, and I trust his work and the mechanics he has hired. Srini's a nice guy, and the receptionist is also friendly and helpful. His prices are fair, and I basically like everything about this place. Wow! I found a great dentist and now a great auto mechanic. Feeling lucky...”
Louisa Dell'Amico

“The owner and his crew have provided me with honest service for over 20 years. They always communicate with you on the problem before they order any parts and they are extremely reliable ensuring my satisfaction.”
Sultan Saadeh

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